Educational Safety Training For Driver's               

Arizona Independent Drivers Association, Inc.

Benefits included

Limited company dividends

You will learn how to organize your income and expenses to be able to save some money to expand your business and succeed. 

Choosing your salary level

Do you know that some companies tell you that you own your business with your own car but you are forced to put the price on your work that they impose for your service? We can teach you how you can make a better business with your own rates.

  • Defensive Driving Course Class 4 Hr. (NSC) Certification card
  • Child Safe Transportation With Special Needs.   
  • Education & Safety Training Center for the entrepreneurs.
  • Employee background screening service.
  • Pre employment, random drug & alcohol breathalyzer testing service.
  •  Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Safety Training
  •  Wheelchair Securement Training Course  (ADA)
  • Service Dog are welcome it's the law (ADA)
  •  Safety First car seat Installation.
  • CPR and First Aid Certification.
  • HIPAA training on site


Proud  Members Of:

We work for drivers and
members in our Association to provide tools and information
that will educate and prepare all the drivers with the most
needed trust and reputation, to partner with our community. 

Together with government agencies and private businesses, 
collaborate in the in the creation of new resources for members of


  • Free website, a mobile app for customers.
  • Dispatch Center, discounted fee for members. 24/7
  • Building Trust and reputation for your business.     
  • Assistance in opening your own business.    
  • Participation in monthly meetings and voting to elect members for the Committee board.
  • Roadside Assistance  (Included Premium Membership)
  • Safety recognition programs.  
  • Annual award winning. 

Our Association is: